“Welcome to StopDigging Australia”

A versatile, durable and sustainable alternative for a variety of constructions

We install our groundscrews to the highest professional standard, saving you work, time and money. StopDigging’s professional installers will take your idea from the page and create a strong and stable foundation for you to complete your project. We install ground screws for a wide range of projects the length and breadth in Australia, all year round and in all weathers.

Each screw can take up to 10 tons


Fast, efficient and sustainable


Low impact on environment


Fast installation done by certified installers


5 reasons why you should use ground screws.

Very fast installation

Installed in hours not in days saving you time and money. You don’t have to transport and dig down heavy concrete supports, or alternatively, cast your own supports and wait until they harden.

No digging required

Environmentally friendly – our ground screws are installed directly into the ground with very little disruption to the surroundings. They are ideal in sensitive areas where minimal environmental impact is required.

Climate sensitive

Our ground screws are better for the environment. The cement in concrete contributes to 5% of the worlds CO2 emissions and this is one way to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Sloping, uneven ground or even wetlands

StopDigging ground screws come in different lengths and sizes, so they are perfect for almost and terrain or surface – even marshes or wetlands where boardwalks are required. Our installers are specially trained to select the right screw for your project.

Not weather dependent

Installation of our ground screws is not climate dependent. They can be installed in virtually any weather, whatever the season. Our screws have been designed to withstand even the harsh Nordic winters so they can be installed all year round throughout Australia. There’s no down time.

StopDiggings groundscrews are specially developed for a harsh climate.

All our screws come with a 25-year guarantee

Our screws are

The material
used in
 the screws is steel,
ISO 630 Fe 360A

The outer part of the
screws is galvanised according
to DIN EN ISO 1461

The production process
is certified according to
ISO 9001


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