Ground Screws

the ideal foundation solution for boardwalks

Boardwalks are iconic natural structures that provide attractive pathways and access to coastal areas, national parks, and natural reserves. A reliable and efficient foundation is essential to ensure these structures’ longevity and stability. Ground screws have emerged as the perfect foundation solution for boardwalks, offering numerous benefits such as rapid installation and environmentally friendly construction practices.

Rapid Installation for Efficient Construction

Boardwalks often require timely construction to accommodate high tourist seasons and preserve natural habitats. Ground screws provide a swift installation process, minimizing construction time. With their quick and easy installation, boardwalk projects can be completed promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Adaptability to Varying Terrains

Nature’s diverse landscapes pose unique challenges for boardwalk construction. Ground screws offer adaptability to various terrains, including sandy beaches, wetlands, and uneven surfaces.

They can be installed in challenging soil conditions and provide stability on flat and sloping terrains, ensuring a secure foundation for boardwalks nationwide.

Board Walk on ground screws for fast installation


Boardwalks must withstand heavy foot traffic, fluctuating tides, and environmental factors. Ground screws possess remarkable load-bearing capacity, evenly distributing the weight and ensuring the durability of the boardwalks.

They can withstand harsh weather conditions, including intense sun and strong winds. Since they are made of steel, ground screws are not affected by parasites, providing long-lasting stability.

Environmentally Friendly Construction Practices

Commitment to sustainability aligns with the use of environmentally friendly construction methods. Ground screws offer an eco-conscious alternative by minimizing the need for excavation and reducing concrete usage.

This approach helps preserve the natural surroundings, minimizes environmental impact, and supports sustainable development goals.


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