House Foundation with StopDigging Ground Screw Piling

Do you need a reliable and efficient foundation solution for your house or transportable building? StopDigging ground screw piling offers a CodeMark-certified ground screw pile foundation system that serves as the ideal cantilever pile foundation for all types of traditional house piling and transportable buildings.

5 reasons why you should use ground screws for traditional house pile foundations and transportable buildings.

1. Rapid Installation and Mobility: Ground screws can be installed quickly and without the need for extensive groundwork or concrete. This rapid installation is ideal for houses- and buildings, as it aligns with the need for mobility and quick setup. Additionally, if a building needs to be relocated, ground screws can be easily removed and reused.

2. Versatility in Various Soil Types: Ground screws are adaptable to a wide range of soil types and conditions. This versatility makes them suitable for various locations, whether in urban settings or more remote areas.

3. No Waiting Time for Curing: Since ground screws do not involve concrete, there is no curing time required. This means the building can be installed and operational in a much shorter timeframe than traditional foundations.

4. Stability and Durability: Ground screws provide a stable and durable foundation, which is essential for the safety and longevity of both traditional house pilling and transportable buildings. They are designed to withstand various environmental stressors, ensuring the building remains secure and level.

5. Cost-Effective: While the initial cost of ground screws might be higher than some traditional methods, they offer cost savings in the long run due to reduced labor and material costs, as well as the ability to reuse them for future projects.

Scope of Use

StopDigging ground screw piling’s foundation is suitable for all types of house piling, with or without specifically engineered designs. It’s perfect for low-rise structures, lightweight transportable and modular buildings, and traditional built-on-site construction methods. Ground screws can function as a single or grouped cantilever pile system and can also be used as spot footings for pile extensions and posts.

Thanks to CodeMark accreditation, our simplified specification process removes the need for producer statements. For projects within the scope of the StopDigging Design Guide, an LBP Designer can specify our system without further structural engineering input. For other building types, a CPEng will provide a pile design load calculation package based on the structure.

Key Features and Benefits

  • CodeMark Certified Simplicity: Our system is CodeMark certified, allowing LBP Designers to specify within the scope of the StopDigging Design Guide without incurring additional engineering costs.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Ground screws are renowned for their efficiency, with rapid installation and instant load-bearing capacities.
  • Foundation Verification: We provide on-site static pile testing as formal verification for each project, eliminating the risk of on-site variations and ensuring stability.
  • Versatile Solutions: Ground screws come in a wide variety of diameters, lengths, and types to accommodate almost all ground conditions found in Australia.
  • Sustainability: Our highly sustainable system offers a lower carbon footprint than other methods.
  • Reusability: While designed as permanent foundations, ground screws can be easily removed and re-used, making them a perfect solution for traditional house piling, temporary- and transportable buildings.
  • Full Siting Service: We provide a full siting service for Traditional House Piling, Tiny Homes, Transportable Houses, School Classroom units, Commercial Site Office Compounds, and ground screw to subfloor connections.

Ground screw foundations eliminate ground disturbance, creating zero site waste and significantly increasing on-site productivity compared to traditional methods.

Two important things that helps preserve the natural surroundings and minimizes environmental impacts.

Reduced Site Preparation and Cleanup

Ground screw installation requires minimal site preparation and leaves little to no mess. This is advantageous for transportable buildings where the goal is to reduce the impact on the site and avoid extensive cleanup operations.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Commitment to sustainability aligns with the use of environmentally friendly construction methods. Ground screws offer an eco-conscious alternative by minimizing the need for excavation and reducing concrete usage.


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